Steps on How to Get Bank Certificate in BDO for Visa Application

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One major requirement for tourist visa application is bank certificate. It will certify that you have the financial capacity to tour a country of preference. Many Filipinos tend to get confused as to where they can get bank certificates without taking too much hassle.

Take note that bank certificate is way more different than a bank statement. Bank statements show the statement of account for a certain period of time. Most embassies will require you to produce the last 6 months’ bank statement. It also shows account history and all underlying transactions. It even shows the credits as well as debts for the requested time period.

BDO will provide a solution to the long-time problem of Filipinos when it comes to acquiring bank certificate. With BDO, the process is totally fast and easy. Here’s how;

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  1. Visit a BDO branch. It should be the same as to where you opened your bank account.
  2. Talk to your banker about your request to get a bank certificate.
  3. The banker will now a form to fill out. Details like your complete Account name, Addressee, Account number, Date Certified, Amount, purpose, and others.
  4. Double-check your details then submit.
  5. Pay the required payment of P100.
  6. Usually, the bank certificate will be released the next day following your application.

BDO bank certificates look very simple but straightforward. On the actual bank certificate, details like the account type, account number, and account balance are shown. The address of the certificate is to the specific embassy, signed by the BDO head officer and marketing officer.

Original bank certificates are much preferred by embassy officials instead of photocopy. Anyhow, you can request another set of a certificate in case you need one later on.

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