Being an OFW from A Millenials Perspective

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What do a millennial ‘see’ whenever he or she sees a newly delivered Balikbayan box? Of how do they see a Balikbayan box somehow reflects the way they see an OFW. Do they ‘see’ a blissful, stress-free life abroad? or do they see OFWs swimming in a pile of cash?

In this article, we will provide a list of a millennial’s notions and expectations on OFWs, and ‘bust’ them one by one.

1. ‘Sarap buhay’
(a good life)

Millenial’s who have overseas Filipino worker parents would not think twice to nag their parents — until midnight, to buy the latest model of a smartphone or a laptop, just so they can dangle it around at school. These millenials doesn’t realize that while they are nagging their parents abroad, ‘kinakatulong sila ng mga boss nila duon’, (they are being treated as a literal and lowly maid by their employers). Parents would not admit it. We must open the millennials’ eyes with this reality.

2. Banko (Bank)

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Millenials with OFWs parents sees their parents as a living, talking and walking bank, dispensing cash at their every whim. They don’t realize that what their parents are doing abroad is WORK, that is physically, mentally, and yes, emotionally taxing, and with every dollar or any kinds of bill that they earn, is the result of pains and hard work. They are WORKING HARD for the money.

Read it again millenials:
They work H.A.R.D for it.

3. It’s fun OUT THERE

Millenial’s are creatures who mostly think about themselves. They are not parents yet, no daughters and sons or worry about and to miss about. It’s hard for most millennials today to realize what their parents are going through abroad. No matter how scenic or how beautiful a place can be, parents who work abroad are hurt inside, because their children are not with them, what’s the use of experiencing snow, or being able to take a picture of that landmark, if they cannot enjoy it WITH their children.

Most millennials today cannot understand that kind of pain. ‘Akala nila ang saya ng mga magulang nila’ ( They thought their parents are REALLY happy). We hope that we can open the eyes of the (mostly) self-loving millenials today through this short stuff.

(We recommend sharing this article to your ‘millenial’ friend 🙂

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