Happiest Workers in Asia: The Filipino Joy

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It seems that the workers of a giant mall chains are not the only people who are “Happy To Serve!”, with JobStreet.com’s online survey, it appears that this spirit of happiness is all over the Filipino workers. According to the JobStreet’s survey, Filipinos are the happiest workers in Asia!

Yes, the HAPPIEST.

JobStreet provided a scale of 1-10
1 as being extremely Unhappy, and 10 as being extremely happy.

The survey showed that Filipinos averaged 6.25 points out of 10 (that’s a lot of happiness) and before moving on, let’s take a quick look of how our Asian neighbors fared in this survey.

Indonesia (the closest one to our happiness) got 6.16 points.

  1. Thailand 5.74 points
  2. Hongkong 5.54 points
  3. Vietnam 5.48 points
  4. Malaysia 5.22 points
  5. Singapore 5.09

According to JobStreet, the most important factor for the Filipino workers’ happiness is the good relationships with their colleagues.

We also believe in this, for the work, no matter how hard it is, feels light, when you are with the people whom you have a good relationship with, and it feels like your work doesn’t feel like a work anymore.

The next factor is a convenient work location.

For all the sufferings that Filipino workers are enduring EVEN BEFORE going to work, with the traffic jams and all those messed up transportation system, it is understandable why a convenient working location is one of the top factors, and also, for parents who work, a work location that is near with their children’s school, their home, and the grocery store is extremely favorable.

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No one would even want to give up 80% of their energy JUST by going to work.

Next is the strong company reputation.

A company’s good reputation almost speaks for itself. How could you expect a company with tons of labor issues, history of illegal transactions, thousands of complaints from workers, and with current legal issue promise you a career stability? How can a company offer job stability, if its very self is not stable at all?

We’re now done to the happiness stuff, let us now take a look at the factors that makes a Filipino worker leave.

1. Low pay.
2. Lack of benefits
3. Lack of training opportunities.

BUT the factors behind job happiness and UNhappiness among workers depends on what stage of their career they are in right now.

Jobstreet’s country manager Philip Gioca has something to say:

“You can see that while people are younger, they’re really more focused on themselves and their colleagues. As they go up the corporate ladder, it becomes more about the company and their opportunities to develop themselves and other people,” Gioca said.

Working is NOT just about the monthly salary, it covers a lot of aspects, including the importance of happiness in work, and working people must take a look at these things, — and yes, including the employer.

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