What Employers Look For in OFWs

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The number of Filipinos working overseas just keeps growing year by year.  According to the 2015 Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF) there are more than two million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) distributed in almost all parts of the globe. Since the 1960s, our workers are considered our country’s largest exports and are reportedly preferred by foreign employers over any other nationality.

In 2010, Maltese employers have expressed their desire to hire specifically Filipino seafarers, caregivers, and industry service workers. The unique qualities and characteristics of a Filipino really reflect in the kind of service and work they offer to their employers.

Filipino workers are preferred for a lot of reasons but primarily because of their efficiency and love of work. They do their work efficiently, fast and focused on the task at hand. Employers also see that they put their heart on the job that they do and because of this outputs have better quality.

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Filipinos are also considered good employees. They have respect for authorities and they are observed to follow company rules and policies. They also try to avoid conflict either between employers or other fellow co-workers and usually try to seek the best solution for everyone.

Another great attribute of a Filipino worker is his competency and ability to communicate in the English language. Their English proficiency is found to be better than most of the workers coming from countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or Indonesia. Communication plays a huge role in a work environment and this gives the Filipino worker a huge advantage over the other nationalities since the better understanding of tasks helps them to do their job well.

Filipinos are also highly trainable. While companies spend 4 to 6 months training other countries, Filipino workers usually only take 2 months.

Employers also commend overseas Filipino workers on their sunny disposition. No wonder since Filipinos are naturally happy people, even ranking 5th in the Happiest Countries list. A Filipino can be found humming a song or dancing a little while doing their job. This kind of lightheartedness and joyful spirit helps spread a positive energy around the workplace.

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