How to Conquer Homesickness While Working Abroad

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Far away, far away.

You’re not just in your neighbor’s house, which is one fence away from your home, you are now literally hundreds of miles away from the comforts of your home, to take a risk and establish a better future for your family.

Homesickness is one of the first pains that a typical migrant worker feels. But anyone could conquer it, and if you need to stay longer abroad, yes, you do really need to conquer it.

Let us provide you with some ways.

  1. Video chat calls.

Video chat apps are not hard to learn these days, (need no manuals here), it requires few clicks, and you’re ready to go. Yes, it won’t beat the REAL thing (talking in person), but it’s the closest thing you can get. Talk to your kids, your parents, and even to your friends, never stew yourself with loneliness and sadness. Trust that they can say a lot of things to comfort you, be open to sharing whatever you feel right now. A word of encouragement from your loved one can really fill you with some kind of energy, it can make you stronger, and it can weaken the homesickness that consumes you.

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  1. YouTube.
  • In the age of YouTube, nobody misses an episode of whatever shows they are a fan of.
  • After work, you can browse on YouTube on the what Baste (Eat Bulaga’s child wonder) sang that afternoon (in the Philippines)
  • Filipino TV shows are almost at your fingertips, it can help you heal the homesickness.
  1. Cook Filipino Foods
  • Sinigang, Adobo, Paksiw, what can be more Filipino than that?
  • You can almost “bring” Philippines wherever you are, with these dishes.
  1. Have a videoke session.
  • Videoke is very “Pinoy”, never be away from home with videoke sessions, it can make almost feel you never left the Philippines.
  1. Pray .
  • Yup. It’s free and available anytime of the day, wherever you are.

Sincerely ask for strength to overcome your sadness and loneliness, and to be able to face every challenges (including your homesickness)

  • Believe in the power of prayer.

This homesickness, it’s really hard, but your life abroad would be an everyday struggle if you keep on dwelling on it ‘Ikaw din ang mahihirapan’ (You will always be the one to suffer)

There are ways to overcome homesickness, and we encourage you do it.

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