7 Important Rights of an Airline Passenger

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Boarding a plane soon? Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there are several things you want to keep in mind as an airline passenger.

The “Airline Passenger Bill of Rights” is designed to protect passengers and so you want to be informed about what your rights are in instances such as when your flight gets delayed when the carrier lost your baggage, or when you are late for check-in.

In a feature by the SmartParenting website, we learn the following details regarding airline passenger rights.

What if I failed to arrive three hours before check-in?

If you fail to check-in on the recommended three hours before your flight, there isn’t a reason to worry because that it isn’t considered late or no-show by the airline if you show up one hour before departure time.

Despite that, it is still much better to arrive early to avoid any potential hassles such as long waiting lines.

Is there a way to check-in faster? How about special considerations for elderly and people with disabilities?

The answer for both questions is, of course, a “yes” since all airlines are required to have a separate counter for faster check-in and also another one for elderly passengers and individuals with disabilities.

What if the airline overbooked passengers?

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This is not an uncommon mistake and it can happen to anyone. When it does happen, the airline has the responsibility to find a solution. It’s either they find a volunteer to give up a seat or to compensate the passenger in any way.

What should I do if my flight has been canceled?

In this case, it’s completely up to you as a passenger whether you want to rebook or reimburse a flight cancellation that occurred 24 hours before your departure. If a flight gets canceled in less than 24 hours, then the airline has the obligation to find you another carrier or to rebook or reimburse you with no additional charges.

What if the flight gets delayed?

For flights that are delayed at least two hours after the appointed departure time, the airline should provide passengers with food and drinks. As for three-hour delays, the passengers will be entitled to the same privilege along with free phone calls, SMS and emails, if necessary.

You may even get the option of rebooking or refunding your ticket.

What if my baggage is lost or delayed? 

For luggage delivery, the airline will be obligated to pay P2,000 for every one day delay.

If you encounter any of these cases, you should immediately speak with the airline personnel or contact the main office to inform them about your concerns.

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