Tips On How To Spot And Avoid Travel Scam Online

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Planning an out of town trip this summer? Worry no more! You can book your ticket and hotel online, easy and without a hassle! If you also need a tour guide and a restaurant near your destination, just simple clicks here and there and you can get what you want!

Though it’s easier now than ever, there are risks as the demand for online transaction rises. You need to be very careful as to whom you give important information such as credit card details, debit card information or PayPal accounts. This information is the gateway to your hard-earned money. Being keen in spotting suspicious website activities is a definitely a MUST. Nonetheless, here are some signs of a bogus website.

1.Suspicious payment method and identity

The payment method serves as a crucial part of your online transaction. It will help you identify whether the company is reel or real. If you have noticed that the company only offers a single payment option, then you should think twice. You should also check if the payment recipient is close or similar to the company name.

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2.Lack of transparency

Transparency is very important especially when money is involved. When transacting online, make sure that the company’s website displays adequate information and a way to contact them in a case of problems during the transaction.

3.Content is of low-quality

A genuine website surely displays less to nothing grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Even their logo should be of high-quality. This will ensure that it is the genuine site and not a copy-cat.

4.Prices are too good to be true

If your intuition says that the price package is too good to be true, then it might be a bogus site. Most scammers will try to lure you by offering low-cost travel expenditure but in the end, you will lose all your hard-earned money for nothing.

Because scammers are also becoming techy, you should be very keen so you won’t fall prey to these criminals. It is always wise to examine the company/website first before giving any account details.

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