Canada Wants Filipino Students For Their Stay and Study Program In Nova Scotia

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Canada is opening a Study and Stay Program in Nova Scotia and they are inviting interested students to sign up. According to reports, students from the Philippines, as well as China and India, are particularly mentioned in the program.

A group of students will be selected to pursue university or college studies in Nova Scotia beginning September 2017.

Qualified students will be provided with enhanced support throughout the length of their studies in Nova Scotia. This means that they can make sure that they will get access to education, tools, and connections that will help them land good jobs in the place.

Who Are Eligible?

To begin with, students from the Philippines, China, and India are invited to apply in the program as long as they are interested in pursuing university, college, or post-graduate studies in Nova Scotia, Canada. The studies will start September 2017.

Students may be enrolled in any of the following study levels at an institution in Nova Scotia such as NSCC diploma program, university undergraduate, masters, or doctorate.

Along with that, international K-12 students (from the three countries mentioned) who are already studying high school at Nova Scotia may also be eligible for the program.

Benefits and Privileges

Students who make it to the Study and Stay Program will be eligible for numerous benefits and privileges such as employment-related events, activities, workshops, career mentorship, and many others.

It simply means that students will be assisted in their transition from student to professional during and after their studies.

Here are the other benefits:

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1. Receive one-on-one employment and transition support from an EduNova Retention Coordinator, with additional support from campus and community;

2. Develop professional networks through a province-wide cohort of peers and business networks;

3. Attend a 2-day Employment Preparedness and Cohort Retreat each year of your studies. The first retreat will introduce the participants to the program, each other, potential employers, and Nova Scotian business and government leaders.

4. Reflect and learn through career assessments and self-values analysis;

5. Develop a personalized career and goal-setting plan while gaining a better understanding of the Nova Scotia labor market—both in regional and international contexts;

6. Build valuable employment skills including professional job search, resume, interview techniques;

7. Develop workplace knowledge, professional and employment connections;

8. Gain enhanced communication skills including confidence to talk to employers, and understanding of intercultural communication in the workplace;

9. Develop personal branding techniques and a professional on-line profile;

10. Participate in peer and community workplace mentorships;

11. Attend a Branding and Employment Skills Training (BEST) conference;

12. Complete a workplace placement/job voucher program (Experiential Learning)

In case you are interested, the deadline for submission of applications is until April 15, 2017.

Visit the official website at to send your applications and to find more information.


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