Basic Tips On How To Attain a Successful Job Interview and Get the Position

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Simple reminders and basic tips to be successful in your job interview.

With the rising economy, it’s high time that people look for a job. The BPO and RPO industry is booming in the Philippines. A lot of companies from United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom are outsourcing here in the country because the quality of service that Filipinos can give do not compromise with the lower cost the investors will have to spend.

One of the qualifications that these companies admire is our ability to communicate using the universal language. We are one of the races who can adopt certain accents and learn different languages easily. Our tongues and roots are truly our assets. However, in spite of this very promising image, there are still many people who find the hiring process difficult. The first thing you need to know is how to pass the interview stage. Some recruitment processes do not have examinations anymore. They all depend on how you answer the initial round, up to the final interview with the boss.

We have a list of some reminders and effective tips on how you can ace those nerve-racking minutes. You need to start with the basics.

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  • Choose an appropriate outfit- You are what you wear. So if you want to be respected, make sure that the clothes you choose are well-thought-of.
  • Being late is a mortal sin– One of the factors that interviewers are looking at is how you are committed to the job. If you are already showing no respect with the time since your interview, how are you going to convince the manager that you are committed to perform well? Make sure you arrive in the interview venue 30 minutes ahead of time. It will give you time breathe and prepare yourself before going in the grill.
  • Observe proper decorum- It is a given that you need to shake hands with the interview before and after the interview. Sit properly and do not slouch. Be aware of your hand gestures. Put your bag on the floor, not on your lap or on the table, if there is one chair allotted for you. Make sure that your phone is switched off or on silent mode.
  • Emphasize your strengths- Some recruiters and hiring managers will give out situational questions that will test your abilities and skills. The perfect way to address these is to provide with relevant situations that could highlight your strengths. If you are asked about your weakness, provide a very simple one. Simple enough for you to turn it to a strength.
  • Avoid beating around the bush- You do not want to be caught off guard to a maze that you yourself put up, right? So do not rumble your answers. If you are asked to answer with either a yes or a no, just answer appropriately. Think first before you speak, but make sure you think fast.
  • Be remarkable- This is of course on the positive side. Do not leave negative marks using unwanted remarks. Be careful of the questions you ask.
  • Send a thank you email- Do not forget to thank your recruiter or your hiring manager. This is also a sign of being eager in getting the job.
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