HR GUIDE: Tips and Secrets On How to Get a Better Job While Employed

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The things you need to know in looking for better opportunity and job while you are still employed.

As the Holiday season starts, there are a lot of people who are also considering the possibility of getting a new job. This is the time when people are passively checking some vacancies from other companies because they already received their 13th-month pay and bonuses. No wonder why the attrition rates in most of the companies increase in the last quarter. If not, it’s the first quarter of next year because of the leave conversion. Well, that is a common trend in the human resource world. You must be competitive enough to be able to find the greenest pasture. But, have you ever thought of the techniques in looking for a possible better world without resigning yet?

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  1. Do not broadcast your plans.
  • It is such a no, no to talk over your plan with your office mates. You’ll never know who’s against you, right? So to be safe, it is better to keep your intentions of leaving in yourself alone. It is also not advisable to post everything on your social media accounts. It might serve a surveillance camera against you.
  1. Keep your credentials updated.
  • You wouldn’t know when a very good opportunity will knock your door. It is always a good practice to be prepared. You will also be a magnet of great offers of you have an impressive resume and business online networks. Make sure they are always up-to-date.
  1. Conceal your actions and intentions.
  • If you are already decided to leave the company, do not disclose anything yet until everything is settled to the company where you will be transferring. Speak only with your immediate supervisor and manager in asking permission. Your career growth is not your co-workers’ business anymore.
  1. Do not use your work email.
  • You must not deal with your recruiters using your work email. Avoid sending out CV’s using your office computer. Furthermore, do not open your job portal accounts in the office. Do your search at home. You may also do it using your mobile phone, just make sure no one is peeping on your phone.
  1. Plan your schedule sagaciously.
  • Never ever sacrifice your current job just to attend an interview schedule. You might be putting yourself in danger if your job hunting becomes obvious to your boss or work mates.
  1. Check first the credibility of the company or recruitment firm before providing your details.
  • You don’t want your credentials and personal information to be provided to anyone, right? So before you provide your resume, make sure that the company or the recruitment agency is a trusted one. Check their website. Read some reviews by which you can weigh your options as well. Utilize the power of the internet.
  1. Always be professional.
  • Being secretive isn’t bad. It is actually being professional to an extent that you do not involve yourself to gossips and things a like. Make sure that as you vacate your current company, you will likewise leave a very good legacy.
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