How to Have A Legal Name Change In The Philippines

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Want to learn how to change your name legally?

People have different reasons why they want to have their legal name changed.

For example, some want to ask for a name change when their parents mistakenly or accidentally gave them a wrong name after birth. In other instances, the medical practitioners recorded the wrong name in the birth certificate.

Fortunately, laws in the Philippines have made it simpler for people to ask for a legal name change, especially for those who only want to change their first names or nicknames.

Changing First Name or Nickname

Based on RA 9048, all nickname and first name change applications can be done with the Local Civil Registrar’s Office. The process has been simplified by the law so as not to cause a huge hassle for people who want to apply for a change of name.

Age Requirement

For the most part, the court favors applicants who are of the legal age which is 18 years old and above.

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Approved Purpose for Change of Name

When changing a first name or nickname, the applicant has to prove that the name is actually difficult to write or pronounce, is confusing or that it sounds ridiculous. The name change should not be done for any fraudulent purposes at all.

Required Fees

Generally, applicants will have to pay a fee of Php 3,000 for first name or nickname change of name. Changing a last name, on the other hand, will often cost much more expensively since they will be done in the court, not with the Local Civil Registrar’s Office.

Additionally, migrants will be required to pay higher fees for name changes.

Change of Surname

As stated above, the law declares that a judicial declaration is required before a change of last name will be legally allowed.

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