Applying For Permanent Residence Through Canada Express Entry Program

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Canada’s Express Entry Program, as the name implies, is a fast way to enter the country. This program gives priority to skilled immigrants to become permanent residents in Canada based on the ability they can contribute and their willingness to reside to build the country’s economy.

First and foremost, they have a list of skills and qualifications for anyone interested in applying. If you think you are qualified, then it’s time to begin with the application process.

Here’s how to apply Canada’s Permanent Residence thru Express Entry Program

1) Complete the online form

The first step here, of course, is to create MyCIC account on the official CIC website. You will use this account for your application submission, checking your status, and even sending in your payments.

Once you’ve created an account, look for the link to apply for permanent residence. This can be found under Express Entry. Fill up the forms and save them so you can easily come back at a later time if you need to enter additional information.

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When you’re done with all the required fields, proceed with submission. Your application will be valid for 60 days. You will then get a Document Checklist which is, obviously, a list of supporting documents that you will also need to submit.

2) Gather the necessary documents

Next, make electronic copies of the required documents such as your passport, travel document, language test results, written job offer from a Canadian employer (if any), provincial nomination (if applicable), financial proof that you can support yourself (and your family members, if they’re coming with you), and others.

As for the Medical exams, you do not need to get one until you receive an Invitation to Apply. Also, take note that those who have criminal records or are believed to pose a risk to the country’s security will likely not be allowed to enter Canada. This will reflect on your police certificates.

3) Pay the fees

After completing all the requirements, you will then have to pay the processing fee. Having a credit card is important for this step and you will do this on your MyCIC account.

For further details, visit the official CIC website.

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