Tesda Offered Courses For Free Online Education in the Philippines

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Nowadays wherein digital age take place from the time we’d grow up, If you’re poor it’s hard to go in school back then but now studying is made easy for modern generation. Would you believe that Technical Skills and Development Authority or TESDA offered courses via online.

tesda offered courses online

Going to school not anymore, prepare yourself or finding transportation fee just to make up into your class in not also the problem. In tesda offered courses there’s a lot of modules you can take online like Information Technology which you can study basic computer operation, proper housekeeping services and if you love to make apps Game Development course is fit for you.

Tesda offered courses are totally free, no fees to be collected, accessible everywhere and it will help us to boost our knowledge and specialization of any aspects. Also Tesda courses are opens to all aspiring Filipino students whose willing and driven to learn to gain more knowledge at any place in time.

The advantage of Tesda courses you can easily study everywhere at anytime but the disadvantage of the said online courses is you will not able to get your certificate via online but it will be given to upon passing your assessment exam taken from the accredited training center.

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Are you undecided what courses to take here are the Tesda Courses Offered List

Information Technology

Basic Computer Operation
Intel Easy Steps (Facebook App)

Computer Systems Servicing
Module 1 – Installing Computer Systems and Networks
Module 2 – Configuring Computer Systems and Networks
Module 3 – Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Computer Systems
Module 4 – Maintaining Computer Systems and Networks

Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
Web Development Using HTML 5

CAD / CAM Operation
Creating drawing using CAD program
Applying CAD/CAM program

Animation (3D DIGITAL)
Use an Authoring Tool to Create an Interactive Sequence
Produce Key Drawings for Animation
Create 3D Digital Animation

Microsoft Online Courses

Game Development

Game Production Basics
Game Production Basics

Developing 2D Games with HTML5
Developing 2D Games with HTML5

Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity
Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity

Software Development Fundamentals
Software Development Fundamentals

C# Fundamentals for Beginners
C# Fundamentals for Beginners


Food and Beverage Servicing

Waiter Servicing
Module1: Introduction to Food and Beverage Service
Module2: Types of Food Service
Module3: Preparing Dining Room for Service
Module4: Welcoming Guest
Module5: Presenting Menu and Taking Orders
Module6: Serving and Clearing Food and Beverage Orders
Module7: Presenting Bills and Bidding Goodbyes

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Room Attendant Servicing
Module 1: Introduction to Room Service
Module 2: Taking Guest Orders through telephone
Module 3: Assembling Guest Orders
Module 4: Delivering Guest Orders
Module 5: Cleaning up Room Orders

Bus Boy Servicing
Module1: Food and Beverage Service
Module2: Identification Of Dining Tools And Equipments
Module3: Proper Way Of Clearing/Bussing Out Soiled Dishes
Module4: 5S Of Good Housekeeping


Guest Room Attendant Servicing
Module 1: Getting Ready for Work
Module 2: Preparing the Housekeeping Cart
Module 3: Entering the Room
Module 4: Stripping Beddings
Module 5: Making the bed
Module 6: Cleaning the Floor and Furniture
Module 7: Replenishing Room Amenities
Module 8: Cleaning the Bathroom
Module 9: Housekeeping Quality Checks

Valet Servicing
Module 1: Valet Servicing

Public Area Attendant Servicing
Module 1: Basic Cleaning Procedures
Module 2: Front of the House
Module 3: Back of the House
Module 4: Handling Chemicals

Laundry Servicing
Perform Laundry Service


Preparing Sandwiches
Module 1: Getting Ready for Work
Module 2: Setting up the Work Station
Module 3: Preparing the Sandwiches
Module 4: Storing the Sandwiches


Cellphone Servicing
Module 1 – The Cellular Phone Technician
Module 2 – How the Cellular Phone Works
Module 3 – Basic Electronics
Module 4 – Performing Diagnostic and Repair

Solar Night Light Assembly
Module 1: Solar Power Generation Technology
Module 2: Basic Electronics
Module 3: Assembly of Solar Lamp
Module 4: Testing and Troubleshooting


Fruit Grower
Module 1: Preparing the site for planting fruit tree
Module 2: Growing Fruit Seedling


Diesel Engine Tune Up
The Diesel Engine
Set and Install Injection Pump to Engine
Inspect Injection Timing
Bleeding Injection System Components

Automotive Battery Servicing
Module 1: The Automotive Battery
Module 2: Test an Automotive Battery
Module 3: Remove and Replace Battery
Module 4: Service and Charge Battery
Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition

Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing
Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Installation and Maintenance
Trainers Methodology I

Facilitate Learning Session
Facilitate Learning Session

Conduct Competency Assessment
Module 1: Introduction to Trainers Methodology
Module 2: Competency Assessment Tool
Module 3: Conduct Competency Assessment
Module 4:Perform Post Assessment Activities
Trainers Methodology II

Curriculum Development
Curriculum Developer
Health, Social and other Community Development Services

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
Module 1: Introduction to Massage Therapy
Module 2: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Module 3: Basic Pathology and Microbiology
Module 4: Plan and Implement Massage Session
Module 5: Perform Swedish Massage

Thai Massage
Module 1: Introduction to Thai Massage
Module 2: Perform Thai Massage

Shiatsu Massage
Module 1: Introduction to Shiatsu
Module 2: Perform Shiatsu Massage

Living in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Laguna or Cavite are not the problem, just having an access on the internet make this all possible.


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  1. mganda yn s mga katulad q n gusto mkpasok ng libre s pmmagitan ng free online courses

  2. hazel b, blas says:

    May assessment po ba after completion nung course? Thank you!

    • adminjuan says:

      yes po if you want to take it..
      just go to the nearest tesda accredited office in your place.. kasi dun mo rin makukuha yun certificate base sa pinag aralan mo course online

  3. novilyn rigor says:

    Khit b ofw pwde ng online course…!!!

  4. Panu b Ang online enrolment? I Want to study about the waiters.thank u!

  5. annruth sabanal says:

    NASA Qatar po ako ngayon pero gusto ko pong mag enrol OK Lang po ba yun?through online?

  6. sharolyn ann V,divina says:

    PAnu po mgenrol gsto k po matuto khit housekeeping panu po ba pa pm po ty

  7. Ma belen m salonga says:

    I am a retired ofw..56years old pede pa ba ako mag enroll online

    • Pinoy Juander says:

      yes po wala naman po pinipili yang edad as long as gusto nyon matuuto..
      click nyo lang po ang link at sundin ang proseso

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