How to Access Free Internet in the Philippines

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Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced of having a FREE internet access in the Philippines through, in partnership with SMART telecommunications company this will be possible to get in touch with your relatives around the world.

Internet in the Philippines are definitely so slow and expensive, aside from difficult to find signals. That is why I think Mark Zuckerberg choose PH as a good start to introduce his will of having a FREE internet. He also posted a photo on his Facebook account timeline with a young Filipina accessing internet and he quoted:

“We’re one step closer to connecting the world as we launched in the Philippines today. Now everyone in the country can have free access to internet services for health, education, jobs and communication on the Smart network.”

internet org free internet in the philippines

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Facebook CEO initiates to have a good reception with the launched of you can now access for FREE on this following sites:

OLX, Rappler,
Interaksyon (TV5),
Bing Search,

1. Type in your mobile browser
2. You may now choose of the following website you want (photos may not show due in savings bandwidth)

And you’re done you can now have a FREE internet access.

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