Top 10 Best Business Ideas For OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers)

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It has become go-to for us Filipinos to work abroad to look for greener pasture. Despite the improvement of financial situations, our modern-day heroes needed to sacrifice a lot of things, including leaving their loved ones behind, just to be able to support their everyday needs. But, surely after years of hard work and incomparable effort, you will be able to save a portion from your hard earned income and those savings should be put into good use. What better done with your hard earned money than to invest it on a low-capital, high-earning business?

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What better done with your hard earned money than to invest it on a low-capital, high-earning business? Investing in a business opportunity may be scary at first but once you reaped the results, you’ll be glad you did it in the first place. Here are some business opportunities you can try:

Here are the top 10 ideas for Overseas Filipino Workers

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  • Sari-sari Store and Cellphone reloading. In the Philippines, you can’t pass even just one block without spotting a sari-sari store. This comes to show that a sari-sari store business is a hit commodity. You could also set up a cell phone reloading station in your sari-sari store for extra income. This business only needs a small amount of capital and a business space or for a better idea, you can put up your store in front of your house for even lesser expenses.
  • Rice retail. Statistics say that this is a sure-fire business because let’s just admitted it, we Filipinos love rice! A meal will never feel complete and satisfying without a good serving of rice alongside a viand. That’s why rice retailing is such a good investment, to begin with because rice is a staple commodity for us Filipinos. It requires just a minimal amount of capital and a good business space and when you have those, you’re good to go.
  • Food cart. We Filipinos are also food enthusiasts. Where there is food, there is also income. When starting this business, there are two options. First is to franchise a food cart that is already well-known. Second, you can create your own food cart and sell products of your own. Who knows, one day you might be the franchisor of another aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Buy and sell. This is a very popular business nowadays because of the small capital needed to start this business and the good return. One advantage to buying and selling is that there are lots of products to choose from – gadgets, electronics, clothes, and the like.
  • This business actually only requires an internet connection and then you’re off to a start. A blog is basically your internet diary. You can write about how-tos, tips, experiences, reviews, and so much more and then earn from it. Pretty simple, huh? It may seem a bit dull but you’ll be surprised how people made millions out of blogging.
  • Street food. Oh yes, the good old-fashioned, traditional street food. Who doesn’t love a good stick of fishball or kikiam or a good serving of kwek-kwek? The upside of this business is that this can only be found in the Philippines and it is weirdly irresistible.
  • One word: Shopping. Filipinos love to bargain and buy affordable stuff – whether they be clothes, make-up, food, etc. – and where do they find it? In a flea market or in a tiangge. Set up a good space and know which product to sell, you’ll be earning a profit in no time.
  • Online selling. Feeling a bit lazy? Sure. With a reliable internet connection, you can earn the profit by posting your products on the web even without a physical store. Or if you do have a store and you want to gain more profit, create an online version of your store and get more exposure for your business.
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning. There are those who can’t seem to find time to do their laundry or say, for example, students who can’t do their own laundry because they’re just renting a dormitory. So get your permits, rent your space, do all the things necessary to start a laundry and dry-cleaning business and save the day!
  • Direct selling. Today, this is the most popular business opportunities among Filipinos. It requires a certain amount of membership fee but by becoming a member, you get a lot of benefits in return to add the products you intend to sell. This is a very profitable business especially when you have a good network of people.

Hopefully, this business idea listed above for an OFWs will help you in starting your own business. Start saving, Start investing, Start your own business now!

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